This blog is used to document the work of Abigail Harrell for the duration of her university career.
Abi Harrrell is a university student majoring in digital art, and minoring in costume designs.

Questions to ask Yourself When Building a Website

1. Who is your audience?

2. What does your audience like?

3. Is the website easy to navigate?

4. Is your content easy to find?

5. Can you read the text?                                 

6. Does it have to be an image?

7. Can it be done in code?

8. Do you know enough code to conquer the problem?

9. What problems are you trying to solve?

10. Do you have to have it?

The internet is a social connection. It is a place for people to share ideas, socialize, display the things most important to them, and let others learn things. Behind everything on the internet is a person, and when you view that thing you are viewing a part of that person and therefore having a social interaction whether that person is on the internet at that time or not.

When I think net art I think websites that push the limits. They either push the limit of your mind, the limit of your computer, the limit of social constructs, and limit of just about everything. 

My example

Websites I like!

GG Makes Art
I like this website because it is simple, and easy to navigate

I like this site because even though it is full of art and just about everything is an image, the site loads fast, functions properly, and is easy to navigate.

Richard Rodriguez
It is simple, clean, and essentially just a page.

The Forgotten Lair
This site is always pushing the edge and leading the way for anime graphics. She is always learning how to do more and more things without images to make the site go faster and do more.